D.S.U. (Designer School Uniforms) was established in 1992, in its original capacity providing specifically  designed uniform/sportswear for Schools’ individual requirements.    This in turn lead on,  to us becoming a School Uniform Retailer with a shop unit on Tripes Farm where we were based for many years, serving many Primary and Secondary Schools in the local area.  For information we have been supplying St.Olaves Grammar School and St.Philomenas  for over twenty years.

We  have always endeavoured to provide  a service based business over the years, with good quality durable schoolwear/sportswear, and it is our aim to continue this process with most of our “original brands” still in situ.   The only difference is you are buying “ONLINE” .  If you have bought before from us, this process should be relatively straight forward, just check the sizes you have now, and order accordingly.  The only area where we would recommend  you seek assistance, is in the purchase  of a new Blazer, which is traditionally done at Year 7 and Year 9.  


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